Music Our Friends Made in 2016

Most year-end lists feature 50 or so albums, songs, and/or books that managed to find their way into blog reviews and art journalists' articles this year. Most lists feature the same albums as the other music critics and I doubt the reader has heard more than 20% of listed releases.

Lost Beat 6 is changing the formula, mainly because we are not paid to listen to hundreds of releases this year expected a verdict upon the first listen. So instead we are listing music released by friends and close associates we like. Thus further sharing the love of their craft and the achievement of commuting their work for public consumption. 

(Releases not limited to Long Playing format and not listed in any order...)


Put it With Mine - Nahneen Kula

The Emerald Captain - Tubby Boots

Decade - Burning Jet Black

Like Your Brother - The Deltaz

Double Helix - Wirewalker

Psychedelic Space Beef Flan - Psychedelic Space Beef Band

Fixed: Or, Improvisation for the Perpetuation of Habit - Michael Gelinas and Julian Restrepo

Got Me Feelin - Attic Empire

My Reflection - King Washington

Fuck It The EP - Not a Thing