2017 Beefer of the Year...

This passing year of 2017 had mixed emotions in the world of...I don't know...normal people.  Selecting someone to represent the Beefin' Lifestyle was all but easy to the extent that it took three-hundred sixty-six days to decide on who the Beefer of the Year would be.  I had a recap podcast to help decide and pan for ideas from fellow Beefers in the Lost Beat 6 community. In the suggestions that followed nothing really came out clear or definitive to me. Among the names of this list of honorable mentions were:

  • Marc M of Sick Animation for the release of Nelly's Bandaid

  • Charlie Murphy

  • The NPR Wine Club

  • Boulet Brothers

  • Randy Stairs

It then occured to me that most Beefers reveal themselves in the blind hatred of the blogosphere, twitterverse and whatever social media outlets which choose to not take a breath and look at the world around them.  And lo and behold the Beefer of the Year revealed himself to be...



One could assume that the internet felt betrayed by Chappelle through four Netflix specials in 2017 for not coddling the new social terrain of quasi-acceptance of oversimplified liberal ideas without using the logically flawed opinions of right wing pundits. I on there other hand was personally baffled to read a number of "think-pieces" in the wake of his first two specials earlier this year suggesting Chappelle was "Behind the times" and not culturally sensitive enough for the new millennial crowd. This is also to assume that that Chappelle had literally left the planet in 2006 and had now just arrived back in 2016 having no observation or awareness of the social progress made in a decade.

Perhaps its just a matter of these articles and tweets being poorly thought out. However, in the wake of the recent two specials, Chappelle had a chance to respond to the year that was 2017. Not only did he double down on his critics but he adc with takes on the #MeToo revival. Chappelle's cynicism toward taking down repulsive individuals and not repulsive systems they operated in is a severe warning that follows historical patterns of political/social regression to the progress that was made to change a culture. Chappelle suggested that methods used by Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela to turnover the South African Apartheid with minimal animosity were a better alternative to curing the Hollywood sexual abuse sickness. And compared to the African American plight of 400 years, the #MeToo movement was suffering from "Brittle Spirit." Which he is clearly not meaning to put down but rather motivate.

What will probably be the most overlooked segments pf Chappelle's points will be these potential solutions and the historical evidence to back up his claims.  Initially the internet was trending the Louis C.K. segment where Chappelle questioned the severity of the allegations compared to the vulgarity of Harvey Weinstein (which is ok by the way to all those who went after Matt Damon for suggesting evaulating each allegation on a case by case basis) towards Chappelle's cultural tone deafness. Once again taking the comedy special out of context. But I can almost guarantee that Dave Chappelle does not give two fucks towards click bait scavengers that cower in fear of a twitter raid on their advertising funnel. 

I can probably go on further but it would only be in favor of going after internet trends rather than in favor of Dave Chappelle's Beefness. And that I want to congratulate Mr. Chappelle on Lost Beat 6's highest honor and also move to add him to the Beefer Hall of Fame. You Earned It!

Welcome to the Current Year. It's good to have you back.