Music Production

Lost Beat 6 is dedicated to the concept of innovative and independently creative recording whether that be in music, podcasting, or other audio adventures. In addition to creating our own content, we provide recording services as a full fledged record production company providing recording and mixing services to the artist’s taste.

The Double Drummer setup recording at Fisket Studios

The Double Drummer setup recording at Fisket Studios


We want to emphasize that the recording process is one that is collaborative, exploratory, but most importantly fun. It is our goal to make the process of creating your sound and art with sense of levity in order to create the most enjoyable recording experience we can. No matter the subject of the song or work making records should be fun…

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We have developed a DIY focused method of flexibility in our recording style. Which is a fancy, elaborate, if not Madison Avenue way of spinning the fact that we do not have a recording studio to call our own. Instead we have mastered the non-traditional recording spaces as well as chosen smaller independent studios to complete our projects. Based on budget, scheduling, and concept, we can record your project in the best environment possible from our favorite project studios or somewhere in the high desert. We have also accumulated an arsenal of recording equipment that brings any project the professional sound it deserves while sustaining maximum flexibility. For more information see our gear list page.



Mixing services are provided mainly by Stephen Coler who has had almost a decade mixing in both the live and studio fields. Our mix setup consists of the top of the line digital signal processing from Universal Audio, Slate, McDSP, and Waves. Mixing can be the most creative and exciting stage in the recording process where the music begins to gel together to create the intended emotional response. Our goal is to help you reach that exact response that you want out yourselves and your audience. To learn more about our mixing policies click the button below to contact us and we can help your songs reach their full potential.