#24 Part 1 John Siegel of The Deltaz

The Boys are back at it again with Punished Steve's college buddies The Deltaz. Hailing from Malibu the Deltaz have crafted songs from their yurt in the Santa Monica Mountains with vibes ringing home to Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi. The brother tandem provides a ruthless efficient one-two punch of Ted Siegel's songwriting and guitar virtuosity, and younger brother John's multitasking tasteful drum grooves, harmonica duties, as well as vocals. While most interviews with the duo naturally include both of them, Lost Beat 6 is shaking it up by conductingtwo separate conversations with each brother.

We first start with John where he and PS discuss drummers, potential solo projects, the philosophy of hipster picks, and juicy diatonic structure.

For all information Deltaz visit www.thedeltaz.com

The Deltaz music is available on all streaming platforms as well as https://thedeltaz.bandcamp.com/ if you wish to support them more directly.

Beefers: Stephen Coler -  Founder Lost Beat 6