#23 Gaby Di Zitti

Gaby Di Zitti is a make-up and visual artist from Los Angeles and was chosen by her boyfriend Ryan Pressman to experience a Beef Session first hand. Punished Steve and DRE discuss with Gabs about Beefin it, her passion for drag, and her increased work on film and video projects.

Thierry Grose Ultimate Adversary stops in early in the show to discuss the Beefer's attendace of the recent Tears for Fears concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl earlier this September.

This show includes our first beef session which is available at parteon.com/lostbeat6 subscribe and pledge please.

For Gaby's work:

Today's Beefers:
Stephen Coler - Founder of Lost Beat 6
Eric Moulton - Beefer General and head of the Psychedelic Space Beef Band
Thierry Grose - Ultimate Adversary