#29 Texas Barbeque Debriefing and Debeefing

Eric and Steve return from a trip to Austin, Texas where they had been Beef tasting for five days in late March.  The Beefers now meet up with Ted Siegel of the Deltaz (Ep#24), who had previously made his reccomendations regarding Central Texas style Barbeque. At the Deltaz's studio up in the Santa Monica Mountains, The Beefers and Ted discuss their trip, Barbecue in a cultural context, and the upcoming release of the Deltaz new record appropriately titled "Barrelhouse Boys."

As of this post the Deltaz currently have a Kickstarter campaign to help them press to Vinyl. Please support their campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/783493777/barrelhouse-boys-the-deltaz-new-album?ref=discovery&term=the%20deltaz

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